Design, Manufacture and Distribute Jet Ski Fishing Gear
We have been designing jet ski fishing gear for the last 6 years and been doing product development and testing ever since. You can't develop and distribute fishing gear if you do not know how to use it. We are jet ski fisho's designing fishing gear for jet skis.
Join our Facebook page and hook up for a fish, we regularly head out with new members.
Please ensure your jet ski complies with offshore fishing regulations.
If you are not sure what you need to fish offshore just give us a call or jump on the maritime safety website.
Looking forward to catching up for a fish.
​​If you want a new challenge in your life, then Jet Ski Fishing has all the thrills and excitement for both young and old. Although not a new sport, Jet Ski Fishing has really come of age in the last few years.
Our Jet Ski fishing pods have been designed to improve your jet ski's stability, increase storage and maximize buoyancy.
The Jet Ski Fishing Mob has everything you need to fit your Jet Ski with all the necessary equipment required for both inshore and offshore fishing, as well as a large range of tackle and accessories.
If you already own a Jet Ski, there is a range of stainless steel equipment racks fitted with five stainless steel rod holders, that will suit your purpose and each rack may be quickly and easily fitted without damage to your Jet Ski.