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After intensive research and development, we came up with our new
​"Jet Ski Collars"
Patent Pending


The collars are fabricated from a tough marine-grade closed-cell buoyancy foam. The closed cell buoyancy foam is a non-absorbent foam (water proof), it’s fire resistant and chemical resistant. The collars add level floatation to your jet ski, this means you can fill the jet ski with water and it will still float. We also found that the jet ski is super stable with two or even three people on board. Anyone that have been using a jet ski knows that a second person aboard changes the handling of the jet ski. With the jet ski collars attached it improves the ride with more people on board.
There's nothing worse than falling overboard, and if the jet ski flips over it pretty crap. You grabb the side and when pulling your weight up the jet ski just flips sideways. I know this because it hppened to me while crossing a bar.
The Jet Ski Collar is a long term investment, continually rewarding you every time you use your Jet Ski, and greatly increases your enjoyment and safety on the water.


We have been designing and fabricating jet ski fishing gear for over 8 years. With jet ski fishing we found that most of us always have one common problem and that is stability and floatation when fishing out wide with heavy fishing gear on the back of the jet ski. I'm well over 100kg and find it difficult to get back on to the jet ski when it's fully loaded with all my gear.
Sometimes we find our self out wide and the wind starts blowing up with chop popping up from everywhere and yes, it's happened to me before where I've been knocked off my jet ski and it took a big effort to get back on to the old horse. If I should be knocked off in extreme weather and winds, then I'm almost sure it will be just about impossible to get back on to the jet ski.
After doing a few tag- along fishing trips with a heap of blokes I found that the stability is a common problem, especially with heavy gear on the back.
Jet Skis is great, but they have limited level floatation. If my jet ski should somehow fill with water and without level flotation, I’m sure the jet ski will go down like the Titanic.
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Jet Ski Collars can be fitted to almost any jet ski. Inside the Jet Ski Collars, we have an alloy frame we use to attach the collars to the jet ski. The Jet Ski Collars attaches to most jet skis and without drilling any additional holes or any modifications to the jet ski. Any one that is capable turn a spanner and knows how to fit a nuts washer to a bolt will be able to fit the Collars to a jet ski. We also do fitments in our factory for a small fitment fee. It takes about 2hrs to fit the collars the first time and after that only a few minutes to remove or fit them.  Due to our designs being copied and a pending patent we will only disclose the attachment procedure to verified customers. We are taking these steps to protect our intellectual property.
Will the “Jet Ski Collars” change the way my jet ski handles?
The only difference you will feel is the stability, the close cell foam is flexible and forms as the water pressure builds up. Tight turns at speed pushes the foam upwards and prevents the jet ski from digging in. The foam absorbs the water pressure and reduces tension on the holding bracket. The Jet Ski Collars also reduces the water spray and forms a great hydrofoil, this in return improves the jet skis fuel consumption.  

"Jet Ski Collars Maintenance and Care"

Once the collars have been fitted to your jet ski, they do not need much maintenance. At best you can check for any cuts or rips. Being a foam, you will be able to cut them with a knife or any sharp object, they will not lose buoyancy or deflate but if left unattended they might rip more. We have a glue that can be used to fix cuts and rips. The marine grade foam is flexible and protects your jet ski from being damaged while tied to a jetty or pontoon.
Level Flotation
The Jet Ski Collars will keep your jet ski afloat if it should get flooded, we have done some intense testing to insure our customers get the best product on the market today.
Each collar adds a massive 110kg of marine grade closed cell buoyancy foam to the jet ski. This marine grade foam is used all over the world in commercial boats as a required product, it super light and water tight. The foam will never absorbed water.  


Can I fit the Jet Ski Collars my Self?

Do you have more sizes avialeble?

 Do you have more colours are available?

Most jet skis already have pre-drilled holes that we use to fit the collars, if you can drill a 5mm hole into the mounting bracket on the collars and fit a bolt, nut and washer to the frame then you'll be able to fit the collars yourself. We have fitment agents available and they charge about $200-$300 to fit the collars to your jet ski.
The Jet Ski Collars only comes in one size, if you need to you can always cut them shorter. The collars have a hydrofoil design at the bottom that increases lift and reduces fuel consumption.
The Marine grade closed-cell buoyancy foam only comes in grey. ONLY ONE COLOUR!



International Sales

The Jet Ski Collars are very well priced at $920 a set. We charge extra for fitment, and it's normally around the $200 mark. Contact us for Quotes, availability and to place an order. 
We have a one-year factory warranty on our jet ski collars, the warranty covers factory defaults. Self-inflicted cuts and rips will not be covered under warranty. 
Please contact us for international quotes and freight cost.